What happens when nothing happens

What happen when nothing happens?

I was just wondering what happen when nothing happens?

And then I decided to ask the question in public and start by answering and then collecting the answers and update my article, and share it on my blog as a big answer…

This is not an essay, this is not an answer, this is not a statement, this is not a judgement, this is not a fact check, this is not a poetry, this is not even a writing, it’s just scratch on the wall… on the the broken walls or the high concret walls that breaks our dreams and stop our ambition and make us as the true fake selves of our own imagination that exist in reality simulated or created. this is an expression of a disappointment of what we are and what we have became and what is the world today. this is not a writing it’s just some salt on the wounds… drayed one nothing will happen after we ask ourselves nothing is happening when nothing happen: because a lot of stuffs happen when nothing happen

  • When nothing happens in the political sphere and when we do nothing about it we give place to mediocre we give place to orange men we gave place to men with barbarian ideals and fascism ideology to occupy the place
  • When nothing happens in the cultural field? the nothingness occupies the place and the cultural occupation and the dark culture take over the place
  • What happen when nothing happens in the public space: the nothing ideas the dark side of the ideas the extremist ideologies the violence takes over our pink flowers
  • What happen when nothing happens in health care: people die
  • What happen when nothing happens in education: people became more uneducated
  • What happen when nothing happens about love : we have extreme kind of selfishness taking over, over everything and the rise of the crazy extremism perceiving of the individualism and the others becames just a part of your own big plan…
  • What happen when nothing happens in sport : you fail there is no hope that drive a nation
  • What happen when you feel nothing happen in your relationship : it dies
  • What happen when nothing happens in your house : it became dirty
  • What happen when nothing happens in your area : you hate it
  • What happen when nothing happens in town : it doesn’t bring any opportunities
  • it’s even like when we don’t write anything nothing really happen except emptiness and nature hate emptiness and « nothing » really dont exists…

Tell us : What happen when nothing happens ?

Written by Mohamed Rahmo

Mohamed Rahmo est un marketeur de profession, un communiquant de formation, un amoureux de la culture et de l'art et qui trouve qu'il y a toujours des possibilités infinies dans le monde digital. Voilà pourquoi il s'investit régulièrement dans des démarches expérimentales mais toujours actionnistes. Après des recherches sur le Social Medias et sur la Gamification, il s'intéresse aujourd'hui de plus en plus à l'Internet Of Things, fasciné par la tendance mondiale du Making et du Coding. Féru de gaming, d'art et de culture en général, Mohamed Rahmo croit fermement que l'industrie créative peut sauver le Maroc.

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