From the dormatory rooms of MIT to a colossus of the Web, we all know it, most of us use it everyday, scrolling through the news feed each time we reach for our smartphones ; and getting flooded with all kinds of content. Hate it or love it, it’s the new face of our Web and society. It’s called Facebook.

I have been lately invited to spend a day at Facebook’s headquarters in Paris. Beside all the cute  goodies I got and the flourishing colors of the workspaces, I discovered some tips and learnings through my experience that I had to share with all of you.

Connect with people that matter to your business on Facebook

In few years, Facebook has evolved from a desktop to a mobile driven company, it shifted incredibly fast, that some of our fellow publishers didn’t grasp it at first.

All day long, your audience has its eyes on the mobile screens. More people are using Facebook on mobile. An average user for example goes through 150 stories daily.

As the digital environment and Facebook specifically, allowing advertisers to communicate in two ways with their customers, brand building became a challenge for most publishers and agencies.

How can you drive more engagement to grow your business ?

Here are some valuables tips I learned during my trip to Facebook at Paris this week :

  1. Mobile is user’s reality, their digital behavior has evolved fundamentally: they browse, search & discover from their mobile devices everyday.
  2. Everything competes with everything on Facebook. It is harder for brands to keep up the pace and get their customers attention. In this context, brand building has become a challenge.
  3. Mobile is becoming the primary screen: An average user spends 102 minutes  on TV and 189 minutes on his smartphone daily. We have to think about an audience that reaches for its smartphones while having the ads running on TV.
  4. Reach delivery is as big as any top TV stations in your video plan. With the right targeting and budget, your sponsored content can be more effective and efficient than a classic TV campaign.
  5. Attention is no more a passive activity. Attention is an action, so it must be rewarded. By thinking how can you as a brand bring relevant and more engaging content to your customers through advertising on Facebook.