Adman vs. Chomsky: Reimaging the Role of Advertising in the Modern World

In His Newest Book: Adman vs. Chomsky, Ahmad Abu Zannad, the Adman, Challenges Chomsky’s Criticism of the Advertising Industry.

In His Newest Book: Adman vs. Chomsky, Ahmad Abu Zannad, the Adman, Challenges Chomsky’s Criticism of the Advertising Industry.

Adman Vs. Chomsky Book

Ahmad Abu Zannad, award-winning author and advertising strategist launches his third book titled “Adman vs. Chomsky”. In his newest release, Ahmad boldly challenges Dr. Noam Chomsky’s criticism of advertising which states that the prime task of the advertising industry is to ensure that uninformed consumers make irrational decisions.

Ahmad takes a stand against the growing negative perception surrounding the ad industry and how it has become the common scapegoat to most of what’s wrong in our modern lives, therefore, Ahmad invites us to look at advertising from a positive perspective, while providing a compelling discourse on the impact and power of ads in today’s world.

Through his thought-provoking debate with one of the world’s greatest minds, Ahmad, combines scientific evidence, grabbing storytelling with real life case studies to make extremely compelling arguments.

Filled with gripping anecdotes, psychological, evolutionary, behavioral, cultural and business insights, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in marketing, advertising, consumer behavior and the role of brands in our lives.

“Today more than ever, a more affirmative definition of the ad industry’s main task is needed – a definition that will optimistically sum up the realities of what the industry can achieve”, says Ahmad Abu Zannad.

Alternatives to define the prime task of the advertising industry

In “Adman vs. Chomsky”, Ahmad proposes four potential alternatives to define the prime task of the advertising industry. And in doing so, his rather optimistic reimagining of the potential role of advertising reveals how advertising could have been the salvation to our economic systems, how advertising is potentially sheltering us from mild depression, how it’s making our interpersonal relationships less stressful, and how advertising could become the common ground where businesses, societies and individuals can all mutually benefit.

Ahmad reinforces these points with analogies from economics, psychology, biology, evolutionary psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience, challenging Chomsky’s belief that the marketing and advertising industry are triggering all the irrational consumer behavior we have been witnessing in the marketplace, for instance, buying overpriced flashy items, obsession with sex, and/or eating unhealthy food.

Ahmad provides a captivating insider’s look into the world of advertising, narrating its history, strategic frameworks and the changes occurring within the industry, alongside, insightful recommendations on how to move forward.

His book successfully showcases the art of advertising, and proves how an ad can transform a business, the mental wellness of humans and societies in just 60 seconds.

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