#Galou, est notre nouveau concept de podcast. Réalisé en collaboration entre TRN et l’association madNess, qui œuvre pour la promotion et le développement des industries créatives. #Galou donnent la parole aux créatifs de tous horizons, qui partageront leurs idées, leurs opinions ou tout simplement se présenter. Pour la cassette #4, c’est le tour d’Alejandra Saurit.

Alejandra or Ale how we call her as her friends, is a wonderful soul and amazing human being. She advocates for digital nomadism. We can say she is from Argentina but can we say you are from somewhere if you are a nomad. Yes we can in her case she is from the creativity tribes she fights and she believes in the creativity as a tool and solution for the social problems she is going to share with us one of the best episode we have recorded so far from our series … There is a lot of insights listen and listen again we had big problem to chose what will be her quotes we will see .. thank for the amazing and wonderful ideas shared here.

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