Warning : If you are stuck at outbound Marketing and interruptive methods please stop reading this article. And if you believe that social media is your digital strategy, then you should convert in one of the following profiles.

Just for fun, this article is for everyone !

The Inbound Marketer

Inbound is not only a method or a strategy but a whole philosophy. If we refer to Sergio Leone prism, the inbound Marketer will be the GOOD for sure. Why, because he is really good at Neo Marketing, peaceful and probably the hero of all Marketers. He doesn’t attack like a mosquito but waits peacefully like a spider.

You can read the article about the difference between the mosquito and the spider strategies for further information on the inbound mindset.

An inbound Marketer doesn’t disturb his clients with cold emails, inconvenient short messages (SMS) and other interruptive videos that the audience didn’t ask for.

Note that according to Billy Halligan, CEO and founder of Hubspot, not only the Marketing but the world is turning Inbound.

So keep calm and turn Inbound !

The Content Marketer

Content Marketer can be assimilated to a sniper who prepares good stuff for his audience and target it well. He is an expert on cooking and reporpusing infographics, articles, videos, photos and whatever he can craft to meet his clients needs. Virality is his dream but he can pay Google and other social media platforms from time to time to promote and push his contents. He tries then to convert the audience into leads but doesn’t have the same efficiency as the GOOD in this field.

Content Marketer can either produce or curate content but he has the merit as the GOOD, to be client centric. Not the same way because the inbounder attract and convert while the content Marketer attack and convert.

Every Content Marketer should turn inbound in the nearest future if he wants to optimize his methodology and get a significant and measurable return on investment (ROI). That’s why the Content Marketer is a little bit UGLY (just a metaphor, with all respect to Content Marketers) !

The advertiser

Believe it or not, advertisers will also turn Inbound. Not in the nearest future but they will, someday. It can sound unbelievable but it’s simply the trend as the world is shifting to inbound. Before those Brand centric and mass media addicts turn inbound, they are now facing the challenge of Brand Content and Native Advertising.

According to experts, the future of copyrighting is Native ads or what we call Content Ads. To say it briefly, the future of advertising is content and the future of content is inbound. Classical Ads are nowadays considered as cheap by millenials and old advertisers dealing with old methods and mass media as BAD. (just a metaphor, with all respect to advertisers) !

So, Keep calm and be GOOD !


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