<< Submit your design by 30th of June 2017 >>

The Khatt Foundation is launching a novel type design competition that aims to add culture-specific fonts to the Arab visual culture, fonts specifically designed to produce modern Mashrebiya architectural screens.

The Mashrebiya screen is an iconic element of Arab/Islamic architecture. Mashrebiyas are still popular as separation screens or walls, however they are often constructed from complex geometrical parts and shapes, and rarely using only letters. There are no fonts around that are specially designed for producing this kind of translucent screens.


Each award winner will be paid € 1.000,- plus an 3D award produced in their own winning font design.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to all members of the Khatt Foundation online community, those interested that are not members can sign up for free as new members on the Khatt Foundation’s website.


  • Yara Khoury Nammour, Graphic and Type Designer, Al Mohtaraf design studio.
  • Pascal Zoghbi, Type Designer, 29LT Font foundry.
  • Edo Smitshuijzen, Inpedendent Graphic and Product Designer.