7 Reasons why you would love 909 Studio just as much as we did!

Aïcha El Beloui invited us to her Open Studio days. We went yesterday and we loved it, and here are reasons why we think you’ll love it too:

1-Derb Seltan. The excursion that will get you to the studio will itself be an excursion through art. I guarantee you’ll see at least one scene that will inspire/entertain/speak to you in somehow. You won’t be left indifferent!

2-Artistic authenticity starts at the door, as you’ll be so warmly welcomed by Frida. And for those who are cynophobic like me, don’t worry! Frida is a really nice dog!

3-Everything in the studio is so beautifully made with care and dedication. You’ve entered Aicha’s world, and it’s so full of love. You can’t not feel the energy.

4-Aicha made 10 authentified signed copies of a dozen of her creations that you can take home. Make sure you get yours!


5-The discussions. There’s an interesting conversation happening on every corner. Don’t hesitate to join in on one!

6-Being surrounded by that amount of creativity… on every wall, every table, everything you look at or touch.. will definitely make you wanna create!

7-The heart of an artichoke is delightful. We know that know ’cause we’ve been to 909 Studio!

Just as everything Aicha does she does with love, this post is written with love. This is an open invitation for you to make something good of your weekend and go explore the beautiful world of Aïcha El Beloui.


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