Is the smartphone segment reaching its limit?

Yesterday’s Apple Keynote was a great disappointment, oh well let me rephrase this, smartphone presentations since 2 years have been an utter disappointment.

I’ll illustrate my thoughts with GIFs from The Office. 

It’s crazy to see that the smartphone is so rapidly reaching its peak and can’t even find new ways to create value.

So what did Apple present yesterday?

The iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X (Which is an iPhone 10 but you have to call it X so it sounds mysterious, right?).

There are some parts in a new phone that you expect:

  • Better processor
  • Better camera
  • Better battery

Okay the three iPhones tick these boxes, but is it enough to make a new phone amazing? For a regular brand, yeah it should be enough, but for an overhyped/overpriced brand such as Apple there should be more of course.

And there I was, watching the presentation then: One more thing…

After which Tim C(r)ook says: “This iPhone is going to be a leap forward” and I’m like


Wait he’s going to show us something dope, amazing, a new feature, some wicked engineering.

Here comes the iPhone X, okay…


Let me sup it all up:

– Edge to edge display cough Infinity Display

– FaceID cough Face unlock

– Wireless charging cough Already done

So basically, what I understood is that when Apple finds it difficult to innovate, they either copy an existing technology and give it an “Apply” name or remove something crucial to look like precursors (Expecting also that other brands will follow) – Remember Jack? ?


Oh then there are those cute little Animojis. ?

Okay Apple, since you added Animojis it’s all cool we’re okay.


Many people tell me I diss too much on Apple, but think of it this way maybe that’s because I expect more of them since they should be the ones leading the market not being slowly eaten by Android handsets (Android representing 86.2% of total smartphones).

But this also brings me to another idea I’ve had last night after that presentation:

“Do we as techsavyy people take technology for granted?”

  • Any small step technology wise is a huge time spent on R&D, on trials, concepts etc…
  • Remember when we used to hold bulky, thick phones instead of these thin smartphones we have right now

What we can do with our phones right now is amazing! So let’s enjoy what we have until we get the next revolution (Which will most likely not come from big brands)

This GIF is just for fun.


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