Digital peace in an age of cyber threat

Brad Smith brings “Digital peace in an age of cyber threat” discussion to the Web Summit.

Microsoft President will talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyberwar in the digital era. Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, and Julia Love, Quantum Computing Director will also join the company’s speakers’ panel.

Brad Smith, President at Microsoft Corporation ​​comes to Portugal for the second time in a row to speak at this prestigious event which gathers businessmen, entrepreneurs, researchers and techies from all over the world, from the 5t​ h to the 8t​ h of November, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Brad’s keynote, on the Centre Stage (4.30 pm), will be devoted to ​cybersecurity​​, as he promotes ​diplomacy as a solution to achieve world peace and the ​coordinated ​effort ​​in which Microsoft engages daily, to address virtual threats. “Digital peace in an age of cyber threats” becomes ever more relevant in a time in which we’re seeing not only attacks on machines, but also attacks that are disrupting society’s most basic institutions like law enforcement, hospitals, and transportation. In a time when tools are being used as weapons, it’s critical that governments and organizations must collectively work to create a safer world.

During his visit at the Web Summit, Brad Smith will also engage in a discussion about Democratization of Artificial Intelligence and ​how this technology will change the economic activity as we know it​​. Brad will talk about the way this new era must be managed and the ethical principles it should follow, including its ​impact on employment​​. This talk takes place at 10.45 am, November 7, at SaaS Monster Stage.

Web Summit Brad Smith Tony Blair
Brad Smith, left, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Forum Stage during day two of Web Summit 2018 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Harry Murphy/Web Summit via Sportsfile.

Brad Smith will also attend a Forum discussion on the 7th, with the former British Prime-Minister, Tony Blair, booked for 3pm.

In addition to Brad Smith, Microsoft will have two additional speakers at the event: ​Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, and Julia Love, Quantum Computing Director. ​​Lucas will have two interventions on November 6t​ h​, on how technology will contribute to protecting the environment. Julia takes the stage on the 8t​ h to explain how quantum computing can help solve some of the major problems of our society.

Besides the keynote speakers, Microsoft will mark its presence at the event with an exclusive Expo space and is offering several workshops for attendees.

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